Steamed Red Snapper and Baby Bok Choy with Spicy Garlic Ginger Soy Sauce

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I have been a bit busy. I’ve been working on this post for almost two weeks now! Vince and I went to the Asian Market a couple of weeks ago and there were so many different kinds of fresh fish. The Red Snapper definitely caught my eyes. Tilapia is usually the go to fish of body builders but we’re a bit tilapia’d out in this household.

I was inspired to make a very simple dish that made me think of Philippines. There’s something about cooking a fish whole in a bamboo steamer with amazing aromatics. Fresh and clean flavors and fast!

20140929-DSC_6465Steamed Red Snapper and Baby Bok Choy with Garlic Ginger Soy Sauce

1 Whole Fresh Red Snapper

2 stalks of lemongrass

1 bunch of cilantro

peel of 1 lemon

2″ knob of ginger

1 jalapeno

2 green onions

1 tbsp of sesame oil

1 lime

salt and pepper to taste

20140929-DSC_6468Clean and wash the fish thoroughly. Slightly spray with coconut oil and seasoned inside and out with salt and pepper.  Add the remaining ingredients in a wok or pot and fill halfway with water and bring to boil.

20140929-DSC_6471I have a bamboo steamer but any kind of steamer you may have will work. Lay a few leaves of bok choy on the bottom steamer and lay your seasoned fish on top.

20140929-DSC_6475On the second steamer, place your baby bok choy. Cover and steam until fish and bok choy are done. It took about 10 minutes for me.


20140929-DSC_6481Spicy Garlic Ginger Soy Sauce

4 cloves of garlic, minced

2″ ginger, julienned

a pinch of two of red pepper flakes

1 tsp of sesame oil

4 tbsp of low sodium soy sauce (or tamari or coconut aminos for gluten free option)

6 tbsp of no sodium, no sugar rice vinegar

In a small pan, heat oil over medium heat. Saute ginger and garlic and add pepper flakes. Add soy sauce and vinegar and set aside in a bowl. 

20140929-DSC_6491Serve with steamed jasmine rice and enjoy!

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